• Human Biology

    It is interactive educational software, with animations and explanations, can be used in the classroom or as self paced learning tool.It is also suitable for Interactive boards.

    Every element is active; organs can be rotated, and explored from any side. When user chooses organ, he can hear explanation about it and see animation.  Example – (if user clicks on a mouth, it comes closer and after animation he can click on a tong, teeth etc.). This way user can explore any organ using a mouse. Teacher can skip explanations and rotate organ while explaining it him/her self.

    There is also vocabulary which contains all material in text format, so teacher can read it while preparing for lessons.

    First part of Human Biology contains 3 themes:

    1. Digestion
    2. Respiratory system
    3. Circulatory system

    Second part of Human Biology contains 2 themes:

    1. Bones
    2. Muscles
  • Choose: Žmogaus Biologija I dalis, or Žmogaus Biologija II dalis in Lithuanian menu, or Human Biology I in English menu.